Sunday, February 27, 2011

We recycle our toys around here...

For me, a very surprising facet of motherhood has been what my child has wanted to play with. The most surprising toys of choice have toys. Toys from my childhood. My mother kept many of my better toys and when my son was born she brought them out, washed them, and gave them to him to play with. He was in heaven. I never thought about toys being timeless, but I guess that they are. The circus train filled with various circus animals...always a good time.
The tool set and the cash register. The register still has paper money and coins and still dings!

These were all mine as well. Mickey, one of my pound kitties (Christian ripped her eye out), and a stuffed dog given to me by my late grandfather when I was two years old.

This book is his current obsession and is actually not from my childhood but my aunt's. This book is probably 50 years old, but we read it over and over and over. He just can't get enough.

It's a simple, but beautiful story about a boy and his pony. I enjoy reading it (Thankfully!).
I will not be selling all of Christian's toys when he gets too old for them. There will be some that I'm already looking forward to seeing my grandchildren playing with!

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