Saturday, February 19, 2011

Weekend Random

  • My hubby and I were able to go out last night without children (GASP!) It was a lovely evening filled with dinner out, a quick field trip to Wally World (for shot gun shells....soooo romantic), and then we came home and watched a movie together. I was also very happy to sleep until 8:30 this morning which felt like a miracle to me especially since our little guy likes to get up at 5:30 am these days.

  • DVR - The greatest invention that I lived without for so many years and now I believe that I CANNOT live without it. We have created quite a large library of TV shows and movies on our DVR. I hardly ever watch live TV anymore. Commercials...what are those?!?!

  • Tonight C was praying before dinner and thanked God for Opa's motorcycle...I felt like a bad mom...amen.

  • It is 8:30 and my husband is in bed, asleep, snoring LOUDLY, with a heating pad on his back, and a western playing on the TV. When did my husband turn 70? I was under the mistaken impression that he is 33.

  • I'm surrounded by people expecting babies!!!!!!! I've never in my life thought that I could know so many pregnant women at one time. I can't keep it all straight. Who is due when? Who is having a girl? Who is having a boy? I'm seriously considering making a spreadsheet. Seriously.

  • My latest obsession...

    I love to read. I usually read books that are mindless, easy reads. Romance, Mystery, Science Fiction, etc. I recently found this series of books by Karen Moning called The Fever Series. There are 5 books in the series and this book, Shadowfever, is the final book. These books instantly gripped me. I DEVOURED them. They are intense, dark, emotional roller coaster books that take place in a unique, science fiction world. Each book is filled with more questions than answers. The heroine is a very unlikely heroine that I never thought I could root for. I was on the edge of my seat. I will be re-reading them for sure and they have an official place on my all time favorites shelf.

    • It was a sunny Saturday so I spent a lot of time outside with my little man. He loves it outside, of course, so today made him a very happy boy. We went to a park/playground with some of our friends and he climbed, ran, slid down the slides, attempted the monkey bars, and swung with the best of them. Much fun.

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